The Confucius Institute at Columbia University is a research partnership that aims to advance our understanding of Chinese culture, transnational China, modern China, and the teaching of Chinese as a second language; It achieves these goals by conducting research projects, organizing international conferences, translating and publishing academic monographs,  and training a new generation of Sinologists.

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Samples of Research Projects

International Conference on Country-specific Chinese Teaching Materials
(Lening Liu, 2011)

Workshop on Chinese Legal History
(Madelaine Zelin, 2011)

Literature, Media, and Social Transformation in Contemporary China
(James Cheng and Lydia Liu, 2013)

International Conference and Exhibition on Robert Capa
(Lydia Liu, 2013)

Chinese Film Festival at Lincoln Center

International Conference on Teaching Chinese in the Age of Globalization
(Zhang Ying of Peking University, Lening Liu, 2015)

Redistricting and Changing Notions of Citizenship and Rights in China
(Kay Shimizu and Xiaobo Lu, 2015)

A Study of the Formation of States on the Jiaodong Peninsula in Late Bronze-Age China, 1000-500 BCE
(Li Feng, 2015)

Court Theater and Court Culture in the Qing Dynasty
(Wei Shang, 2015, 2016)

International Conference on Sino-American Media
(Emma Wang, 2015)

Workshop on Teaching Chinese Grammar at Elementary Level
(Chaofen Sun of Stanford University, 2015)

Workshop on Language Variations and Language Changes
(Zhongwei Shen of The University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Baoya Chen of Peking University, Lening Liu, 2015)

Workshop on Chinese Prosodic Grammar
(Shengli Feng of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2015)

Lu Xun and Hu Shi: A Dialogue between Chi-pin Chou and Sun Yu
(Chi-ping Chou of Princeton University and Sun Yu of Renmin of China, 2015)

Exhibition on Chinese Calligraphy
(Jim Cheng, 2015)

International Conference and Exhibition on Sound and Image of Chinese Poetry
(Lydia Liu, 2016)

Projects Submission and Selection

All research projects must be sponsored by faculty of either The Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures or The Weatherhead Institute for East Asia at Columbia University. Projects concerning teaching Chinese as second language, Chinese culture, modern China, or the interaction between China and other East Asian countries are welcome. Project proposal must include a list of participants, detailed budget and time table. The selection of the projects is made by the Faculty Steering Committee of the institute. The committee is appointed by the Chair of the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures and consists of five professors of the EALAC department or The Weatherhead East Asia Institute. The current chair of the committee is Professor Shang Wei. All proposals should be submitted to Prof. Shang no later than Oct. 15th.



An agreement for establishing Confucius Institute at Columbia University was signed by the Headquarters of Confucius Institute (Beijing) and Columbia University in October, 2010. The institute was officially inaugurated at Columbia University on April 9th, 2013.

Fellowship Programs

Graduate Students Training for Teaching Chinese to English Speakers (Graduate Teaching Center, 2013)

New Confucius China Study Scholarship Program for PhD Candidates (2014, 2015, 2016)

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The Confucius Institute at Columbia University is governed by its Board of Directors that consists of the Executive Vice Presidents for Arts and Sciences from both Columbia University and Remin University of China, Chair of the Department of East Asian Languages, Director of The Weatherhead Institute for East Asia at Columbia University, and the Director of the Office for International Exchange at Renmin University of China.


626 Kent Hall, Columbia University
New York, NY 10027.

Phone: 212-854 7036


Director: Lening Liu

Office Manager: Yaxi Zheng